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Mission Statement

At Rockii’s intimate skin & esthetics our #1 priority is your self care! We understand how personal and intimate your services can be. We are passionate about delivering intimate skin care services to promote healthy skin care habits. Our goal is to deliver quality services with integrity that create everlasting memorable experiences.

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Rockii’s Intimate Skin & Esthetics LLC is a women-owned sanctuary that enhances natural beauty and well-being. We specialize in skin care services, including personalized treatments for back issues, and overall body wellness. Our expertise extends to eyebrow services, ensuring you get the perfect shape to complement your face. We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive approach to beauty through rejuvenating and relaxing facial massages. Accessibility is key; we offer gender-neutral restrooms, a private parking lot, and wheelchair access to ensure everyone feels welcome. We’re bookable by appointment and ensure a quick response and a 100% satisfaction rate. We recognize the significance of feeling comfortable in your skin and transform that into reality for every client. Feel the exceptional difference with us—where your beauty and comfort are always the top priority! Rockii’s Intimate Skin & Esthetics LLC Is Your Ultimate Destination for Exceptional Skin Care, Eyebrow Perfection, and Relaxing Body Treatments. Experience Personalized Services in a Welcoming, Women-Owned Haven Where Every Visit Leaves You Radiant, Refreshed, and Ready to Shine.

Why choose Rockii

Every person we interact with is greeted by authenticity. We pray they all feel Rockii’s Goddess energy, compassion and dedication to their skin and self-care journey. Rather that’s through longevity of consistent facial treatments, hosting for a special event, or a quick body wax for a vacation. No matter what the service is or the reason; we are truly grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. Educating each individual on proper skin care, and maintenance so that they are confident outside the treatment room. The reward for Rockii is knowing she has added a smile to someone’s day and sharing that intimate moment of joy. Turning customers into clients, and clients into family


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    Our experts will evaluate your face shape, natural brow thickness, and desired look to recommend the best service, whether shaping, tinting, or microblading.

    Our Mission

    At Rockii’s Intimate Skin & Esthetics, our mission is to prioritize your self-care through personalized and intimate skincare services. We’re dedicated to fostering healthy skincare habits with passion, delivering quality services with integrity, and crafting memorable experiences that reflect our commitment to your well-being.

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